Today was our last full day in Valencia, Spain with the adults and students at Balletvale+. Huge strides were taken, new connections were made and an entirely new way of thinking and community was forged. Since this is the only night where we can actually take some time to enjoy this beautiful city, we're going to do just that, but stay tuned for another post before the end of the weekend that sums up our experience

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It has been a very full forty-eight hours. I feel like Tamar and I have accomplished more in two days here in Spain then we ever could have imagined. This is in large part due to the generosity and dedication of our wonderful hosts at Balletvale+, who bring not only their incredible knowledge of dance to the table, but whom have created a space so filled with love and compassion for everyone who come through

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Tamar and I arrived in Valencia, Spain yesterday at the invitation of the fine people of Balletvale+, a local dance company founded by Esther Mortes. Balletvale+ started a dance program for young children with cerebral palsy in 2012 after Marcia Castillo, a local professor who's young daughter has CP, saw the Good Morning America profile (which originally aired in 2009), about our work and Diagnosis Of A Faun. We are thrilled that our work continues

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A few weeks ago in Tamar's class, Tamar started off the class by asking us where in our body we felt tight or stiff. I mentioned my feet, someone else mentioned their lumbar area and a third person said, their brain. We laughed, and then the laughter stopped. In the spirit of the class and following Tamar's lead, we began an hour and a half exploration of the brain as if it were just another

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Gregg as a young boy

When the Cerebral Posse first met in March of 2014 several great things happened, but there were two big takeaways for me that evening: The first, I had something confirmed for me; that people with disabilities, and in this particular case, people with cerebral palsy, don't commune on a regular, consistent basis. At the start of the evening all of us acknowledged how strange this was. None of us had ever been around this many people with CP before.

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