Tamar is back from her trip to Belgium, where she taught an all-day workshop at the APGDS, a method using muscular and joint chains. Tamar met really interesting people and learned so much about the body from the APGDS. 

We also had a screening of the Enter the Faun at the Best of 2017 Extraordinary Film Festival, where last year we won the grand prix! Before the screening, there was an exhibition of wheelchair dances.


This week Enter the Faun will be broadcast on French language Belgium Television. 


On October 7, Enter the Faun was part of the Faune Fais-Moi Peur Festival in France, a dialogue between works of epochs evoking the many facets of this mysterious being (the faun): hybrid, mischievous, erotic … A recognized exhibition of national interest by the Ministry of Culture. The festival includes Picasso, Chagall and fauns as their appear in artwork throughout the ages. 


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