While Tamar and I were down in Sarasota, Florida for the premier of Enter The Faun at the Sarasota Film Festival this past April, we conducted several workshops with the Dance and Disability communities. This resulted in the formation of a new Posse, led by my friend, Katie Calahan and Lynn Hocker, a dancer based in Sarasota. Katie was a few years below me at Boston University's School of Fine Arts. We have kept in

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New York Posse member Christine Bruno: I know I had a breakthrough last week and really want to keep investigating with our posse and work toward a plan that keeps me on track between our meetings. I have been realizing the past few months - especially at last week's meeting - that I need to make this work a priority NOW! Note from Tamar: Christine was working with Gregg and Shawn Shafner, our newest Posse

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Enter The Faun Sarasota Film Festival Selection

I am thrilled to announce that Enter The Faun will premiere on April 15th and 18th at the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida. The team is terribly excited as you can imagine. Gregg and I will travel to Sarasota and do workshops and outreach activities.  We will also celebrate the whole team's achievements to have gotten us this far!  Thanks to all of you who have helped along the way these 8 long years.  More soon from sunny

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