Margot Cole is a writer,director, and actor. As an actor she has performed with “Eldorado Children’s Theater” ,”Southwest Children’s Theater”, “TaDa Theater” and “Keen Teens 2012”. As a writer she won the “A Playwright Grows In Brooklyn” playwriting contest of 2009 at “BrooklynOne Theater”. She is a member of “DISLABELED Film Series” (formally “DISLABELEDtv Productions”). She has done volunteer work with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has written and directed three short films “Drama Sighted”, “Only Those Who Limp Allowed” and “Crips Not Creeps”. All information about her current and future films can be found here: She has known and worked with Gregg Mozgala since 2008. Margot has a mild form of Spastic Diplegia, Cerebral Palsy.