I first met Margot Cole after the same production of Romeo & Juliet where I met Tamar. Her mother approached me and another TBTB company member about giving Margot acting classes. Those acting classes evolved into Margot and I starting our own body work sessions. We have been working together off and on since 2008/2009.

Spoiler Alert! Margot appears as a character towards the end of the film. She was at the recent ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival screening on Saturday night, and shared some reflections from that experience.


March 12 2016
I went to a public screening of “Enter The Faun” tonight! I’m so glad I went! I bumped into Gregg immediately. We hugged. “I thought you weren’t coming!” said Gregg delighted. Then Tamar came over and I hugged her. It was great to see them both after so long! Daisy Wright, one of the movie directors and editors, came up behind us. I think the last time I saw Daisy was in 2010. Daisy was very sweet. I also met quite a few of Gregg’s other sweet friends. I used my peel the heel and turnout body directions on the way to the elevator. Gregg ended up sitting behind me which was totally awesome! The movie itself was better than had I remembered it. It flowed nicely from one scene to the other. It looked fantastic on a large screen! I was glad the startle reflex was mentioned directly in this final version of the movie to provide clarity that for people with Cerebral Palsy fear is a very physical process related to the condition itself. I liked that Gregg’s issues with touch were brought up too because I have researched this further and have come to find that when the motor part of the brain is damaged the sensory signals get highly confused and vice versa where somebody with sensory damage can have issues with movement. Enter The Faun is the only movie I have seen to date that addresses the sense of touch in relation to CP. I loved that the movie was very honest about every subject related to and aspect of the work and the dance. It does not shy away from the uncomfortable and that is exactly what makes it unique and relatable. I hope Gregg and Tamar never lose that honesty. I loved my part the most obviously! I thought I looked adorable! It was also nice to see how much my body has changed since the movie was filmed. I know so much more now then I knew then. It was wonderful to see my own progress! Everybody cracked up laughing during my brilliant falling scene. I stayed for part of the Q&A but unfortunately I had to leave early. Before I left Gregg pointed me out to the audience and said “Take a bow Margot”. So I did! It was so nice to have that little moment in the spotlight all to myself! I’m part of Enter The Faun. Enter The Faun is part of me. I couldn’t be more proud! 

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  • Margot

    Thank you both so much Gregg and Tamar for such a wonderful screening and for posting this!!! I LOVE THIS POST! I hope this post encourages more people to see the film!


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